Africa's bicycle mayors

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Emmanuel John

The bicycle mayor of Abuja, Nigeria

Emmanuel John is the president of the African Urban Cycling Organisation and participates in numerous regional projects and initiatives. His goal as cycling ambassador is to make Abuja a “celebrated cycling city and an African cycling hub.” 

Israel Akinrotimi

The bicycle mayor of Lagos, Nigeria

Israel Akinrotimi’s focus is to make cycling a lifestyle in Lagos. He also trains young people to become professional cyclists and teaches them how to repair bicycles too.

Salome Kanini

The bicycle mayor of Nairobi, Kenya

Salome Kanini wants to break down social barriers and eradicate gender stereotypes that stop women and girls from cycling. She founded a women’s monthly riding group in Nairobi, called Dadarides, meaning “Sister Rides.” The club encourages women to join and ride together.

Farai Makuvaro

The bicycle mayor of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Farai Makuvaro’s mission is to find children who commute long distances to school and provide them with bicycles, making cycling more accessible to less privileged communities around Victoria Falls. He also offers cycling education tours for locals.

Mpaphi Ndubo

The bicycle mayor of Gaborone, Botswana

Mpaphi Ndubo is a cycling ambassador who hopes to tackle climate change, chronic disease and traffic, by encouraging Botswanans to use bicycles as an everyday mode of transport.

Sindile Mavundla

The bicycle mayor of Cape Town, South Africa

Sindile Mavundla wants to make bicycles more affordable and accessible to people in Cape Town and its townships. He is also working with the private sector to lobby local government to improve cycling infrastructure across the city.

Source: Bycs

Graphic: Woojin Lee, CNN